Top Priceless Tips For Moving Your Expensive Items Safely

Moving is a part of life, and so is the anxiety following it. Relocating your antiques, furniture, and musical instrument seems like a daunting task without the help of a well-experienced moving company.

Disassembly, reassembly, packing, and unpacking – these activities are not just anyone’s cup of tea and require years of expertise to master. You cannot imagine moving your grand piano on your own and ending up damaging the product or, worse, hurting yourself. For this, you must hire professional movers Toronto to make sure your shifting goes smoothly and swiftly.

Many companies provide safe moving tips for beginners. The first one is that ‘do not rush for things.’ Slow Down! Rushing can only lead to mistakes.

As soon as you plan a move, make an inventory list. Take photos of your items from various angles while packing. You can make a video of loading and unloading as well.

Small Expensive Items

Your small valuables, such as jewelry and small electronic items, require special attention. It is highly advisable to keep them with you to avoid accidental loss.

Avoid keeping them with the same boxes as your living room essentials or kitchen items. Also, do not box them in luggage as there are chances they might get misplaced or damaged during the relocation.

You can store these small valuable items in a separate backpack that you can easily grab wherever you stop while traveling to your new location. The goal is to keep these articles in front of your eyes as much as possible.

Moreover, it is recommended to keep medicines, coins, currency, photographs, and other sentimental items with you in a bag.

Packing Antiques and Chandeliers

Always buy moving boxes while packing your priceless valuables, such as televisions, stemware, paintings, etc. Almost every moving company in Toronto supply boxes of various shapes and sizes that can reduce your moving hassle to a greater extent.

Ideally, it is recommended to keep the original boxes safe so that you can reuse them later.

Moving a chandelier on your own can be challenging, as you have to make a note of bulbs and wires before disassembling.

After removing the bulbs, strands, and crystals, wrap them in a paper then put them in a separate box to protect them from damage. You can also buy a crate in which you can store the top of the chandelier safely.

Choose the Right Packaging

Always remember not to keep the boxes empty whatsoever. After putting the material in boxes, shake it a little, and if the things inside the boxes move, add more material. Also, use bubble wraps over foam peanuts.

If you don’t have anything to fill the empty space in the boxes, use towels to add more packaging. Once done, label the box as ‘FRAGILE.’

Even when you have taken extra precautions to pack your valuables and other expensive items, do not forget to contact an insurance company to ensure adequate coverage if things get wrong.

Do you need to learn more or need a helping hand to make your move faster, safer, and smoother? Contact Your Moving Company experts and get a free quote today!