Professional Piano Movers In Toronto

Moving a piano on your own can be a tough job. Without expert help, you might end up hurting yourself or damage the expensive piano.

Your Moving Company provides specialized skill training to its staff on how to move the piano efficiently without causing any damage to the article. We have attained excellence in moving all types and sizes of pianos from your old destination to the new one or from retail stores to your house. As qualified local and long-distance piano movers, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Our piano transport services include a wide range of tasks. At first, we use wall protectors and floor mats to make sure that while moving, your walls and floor do not get scratches. Secondly, we disassemble the piano into parts so that loading and unloading it can get easier. After disassembly, our piano removalists will pack the pieces into bubble wraps and blankets. After getting it delivered to the right place, our piano movers will reassemble it like a brand new piano.

In case you need to store your piano for long term or short term, Your Moving Company offers reliable storage facilities. Our storage units are well-equipped with high-quality cameras and locking systems.

Are you looking for the most trusted piano moving company in Ontario, including Mississauga and Toronto? Just give us a call, and we will be at your service in no time. Enjoy the best piano removal service at budget-friendly rates.

Upright Pianos

We transport four types of upright pianos, whether it is three blocks down the street or across the Ontario province.

These are –

  • Spinets – The smallest one, with about 3’ height, 5’ length, and weighs around 300 pounds.
  • Console – Comparatively taller than a spinet and around 3.5’ in height.
  • Workroom – About four feet upwards and weighs around 400 to 500 pounds.
  • Classic Uprights – The big show of the upright group and weighs more than 500 pounds depending upon the model.

Horizontal/Grand Pianos

Horizontal pianos come in massive sizes and at least need to be partially dismantled before transiting. We, as reputed piano movers, have specialized, on-hand tools and equipment required to disassemble and reassemble. 

The grand pianos we move include –

  • Petite Grand – Don’t be deceived by the name. This piano is a much heavier piece of art, weighs around 400-500 pounds with a 4.5’ height. Our skilled know-how can easily transport it from one place to another.
  • Baby Grand – Approximately 5’5” long and 500 pounds, this piano is one of the most common sizes we move the most. The legs and pedals of baby grand can be disassembled before moving it to any distance.
  • Semi-Concert/Ballroom – Easily stands about 7 feet and more substantial than other grand family members.
  • Concert Grand – it is indeed a big challenge for any moving company to relocate a nine feet tall piano, and no movers are as experienced as Your Moving Company to do it with ease.

Home Moving Steps

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Planning & Organizing

Relocating your piano is not a stressful task with the right assistance. A qualified team from Your Moving Company will help you pre-plan your piano move according to the schedule and need. We might ask you to send the photographs or make an onsite visit at your location to get an idea of the number of people and the type of dolly required to move it easily. We as well take note of the stair count or tight corners that our movers will encounter throughout the move.

Packaging Supplies

We provide top-quality blankets and padded fabric to cover the piano for safe moving. Our staff has a lot of experience in disassembling and reassembling so you don’t have to worry about anything. Use our masking tape to keep the blanket still to ensure secure moving. We do not drag the pianos because it damages both floor and bottom surface. Instead, we use four-wheel dollies and metal ramps while ascending or descending the stairs.


We don’t take chances, which is why we always provide the extra workforce to lift and load pianos in the truck. Our spacious fleets will carry and transport all kinds of pianos, be it horizontal or upright. Don’t even fret about dismantling and reassembling – we have specialized mechanics for that too.

On the Move

We are the most-trusted Toronto moving company with only one goal – client satisfaction. As we arrive with your piano at the destination, all the heavy-duty lifting and unloading work will be carried out by us. Also, we offer short term and long term storage options in case you need to keep your instrument safe temporarily. All-Time security, monitoring cameras, on-call delivery services will be provided at our storage house.

How it Works

Get Started With Moving Supplies

Get Started With Moving Supplies

We at Your Moving Company provides a massive collection of packing supplies. For piano relocation, we have a variety of tools, such as quilted pads, two-wheel or four-wheel dollies, skids, slings, ramps, and much more, to assure that your piano moves safely without getting damaged. Our company can deliver these moving supplies free on orders over $100 within downtown Toronto.

Enjoy The Greatest Shifting Experience In Gta

Enjoy The Greatest Shifting Experience In Gta

Don't stress out! Don't feel burdened! Let the experts do all the heavy-lifting work for you. We are an award-winning company with an experienced staff that will make your move comfortable and headache-free. Call our experts today to get a free quote and cost estimation. Our moving coordinators are always available at your service.

Get Connected With Our Customer Care Executives

Get Connected With Our Customer Care Executives

Piano moving starts with a well-organized plan and our dedicated team of moving coordinators understands it and help you out. From the start of the move to the end, our managers will stay in touch with you.

Leave Everything To Us

Leave Everything To Us

Our Toronto movers are very considerate about your time. That's why we will arrive at your place before the mentioned time to make sure everything gets done timely. Our workers will come in proper uniforms at your doorsteps. We will bring floor mats and wall-protectors so that your floors and walls don't get any damages. We will wrap up your precious furniture in high-quality blankets for safe moving. We are not like regular movers that just want to get the job done. We take care of items as they belong to us.

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