Moving Tips

Put heavy items, such as books and directories, in small boxes and light items like clothes and pillows in larger ones. This is because if you fill bigger boxes with heavy items, it is difficult for movers to load and unload it.

While packing, if you have empty spaces in the boxes, fill them with clothes or towels. It is difficult for movers even to lift and load the boxes that are not balanced or loosely packed.

This practice will not only make your packing quicker but also your unpacking a lot easier. So, to avoid the hassle of segregating, don’t mix up items of two rooms in one box.

Labelling your boxes with a description of the content inside them is very beneficial. It will help you figure out which box belongs to which room. For example, if you label a box with kitchen items, then it won’t get mixed with bedroom stuff. Similarly, your antiques and books will be separated and handled with care while loading.

Some people treat televisions and plasmas like any other piece of furniture and pack them with furniture pads. Be thoughtful if you don’t have a wooden crate or original TV box, purchase from us and double-box your TVs. Also, when you lay them flat while loading, the chances of screen breakage increases.