Pool Table Moving

Most people have this misconception that they can move a pool table on their own.  It isn’t that simple. Generally, pool tables weigh around 700-800 lbs. Relocating a pool table like this not only can damage its components but also injure you. We, at Your Moving Company, are the expert pool tables movers that will first disassemble it, then safely move it from point A to point B. That’s the only way to avoid any accidents.

Our workers will arrive at your place with all the packing and wrapping materials needed to pack your pool table. We will do everything step by step. Firstly, we will dismantle the upper part of the table. Secondly, special attention will be given to each section of the slate part of the pool table. Thirdly, every piece is separately packed with wrapping sheets and loaded in the fleet without scratching or damaging the walls and doors. And lastly, your pool table will be safely delivered to your new location. We will find a suitable place, unwrap your table, and reassemble it too.

We use high-quality glue and beeswax to fix the slate back again efficiently. Our experts will install the rails to the surface and expand the slate bed cloth back. Our movers will perform a last level check to make sure everything is reassembled appropriately, and you are all set to start shooting on your pool table again.

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