Piano Moving

To move an item as precious and expensive, like grand pianos, always take assistance from the professionals. We at Your Moving Company have the right potential to relocate your piano to a new destination without any huffing and puffing. We are experts with years of experience in heavy-lifting. Moving a piano requires a lot of muscle power and coordination and our workers have that kind of skill to relocate your piano internally or to your new house safely.

We follow several careful steps while moving your piano, for instance, how to make the musical instrument get through the doorway? How many stairs or floors do we have to ascend or descend? etc. Before moving, we take the measurements of the doors, followed by disassembling the piano so that we can easily pick it up in parts. Our highly-expert professionals will wrap it up in a blanket to avoid scratches or damages and use two-wheel or four-wheel dolly to drag it from one place to another. We have technicians that can reassemble your piano after moving it to the right place before you know it.

In case you need a storage facility to keep your piano for safekeeping until you move it to a new place, utilize our top-notch storage rooms. Our containers are equipped with a high-end security system with video cameras and unbreakable password services.

Do you need a company for piano relocation? Get connected with Your Moving Company and take our reliable piano moving services at affordable rates. Also, you can talk to our experts and get a free, precise quote.