Packing Services

At Your Moving Company, when it comes to packing, unpacking, and relocating, we stand out among other movers. Whether you are packing your antiques or kitchen essentials, kids’ toys or breakable items, our specialists will make packing the most comfortable task for you by lending you a helping hand. We take pride in being one of the renowned and well-reputed residential and commercial packing firms across GTA and Ontario.

We have an expert team of packers that will pack your belongings carefully in carton boxes. They will as well label the boxes so that upon arrival, you don’t face any hassle in finding the items. Handy much? Ranging from your children’s stuffed toy to your valuable crockery to your office accessories, we ensure that everything arrives at your new destination safe and sound.

Some of the top-quality packing materials that we provide are –

–          Moving Boxes of various sizes

–          Carton cupboards

–          Television and flat-screen boxes

–          Bubble wraps

–          Packing tape

–          Covers and blankets for furniture

–          Mattress protectors

You can as well buy our packing supplies at affordable prices, do the packing on your own, and then call us for loading and moving. That’s our part-service plan. Contact Your Moving Company and learn more about this service, along with various other facilities. Our experts can help you tailor a service that will fit both your requirements and your pocket.