Commercial Moving Services

At Your Moving Company, we have a staff of professional movers for helping you relocate your business or commercial products & services with ease and efficiency. For something as vital as a commercial move, trust our team because we have years of moving experience in commercial moves.

We stay in touch with our clients from beginning to end and make sure they are completely satisfied with our moving team.

Office/Commercial Moving

Moving your business location across town requires a lot of planning, time, and budget. At the business front, it is necessary to keep track of sales & purchases, handle customers and manage other office-related tasks.

If you spend your precious time stressing about the move, it will only have an adverse impact on your business. Therefore, bringing in an expert help will minimize the downtime and disruption of your work process.

Especially for those less experienced in moving an business, the thought that all could go wrong is intimidating, especially when this involves:

  • Lost or damaged furniture
  • Damaged technical equipment
  • Late arrival of moving teams
  • Extended business impact from missed timelines
  • Misplaced files or office supplies

There is a Better Way

Bringing in a professional service to move your business smoothly and efficiently can minimize disruption and let employees focus on their jobs. This is true even if you’re shifting a small business, relocating a few employees, or moving equipment across town.

Putting your move in our hands dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction can make all the difference in making a move less daunting.

What’s Different About Commercial Moves?

Moving a business requires special skills and care to complete the move efficiently:

  • Proper packing and preparation of fragile electronic equipment such as copiers and computers
  • Disassembly and reassembly of desks, partitions, and other furniture
  • Safe handling of critical files and documents to avoid loss or damage
  • Working closely with office staff to coordinate the move with the least impact on business operation and productivity

Why Your Moving Company Is Your Best Choice

Our team is highly experienced – professional planners and moving staff contribute to the success of your commercial move:

  • Our friendly and courteous planners will work with you to understand the exact requirements and timing of the packing and disassembly for your move.
  • Our reliable and honest crew have clean trucks and experience in handling commercial equipment and furniture.
  • We have the right equipment for safely preparing and transporting electronic accessories, such as computers, printers, scanners, etc..
  • Upon arrival, we will help you with the reassembly of all furniture and equipment at your new location at the designated time.

Your Moving Company Provides Full-Service Commercial Moving

We have the experience and professionalism that makes business furniture relocation painless and stress-free. We take accountability for the entire move, from planning to completion.

Count on Your Moving Company for local or nation-wide moves of your business with safe and reliable results. No business is too large or small for our teams.

Are you planning on moving a few employees, computers, office furniture, etc. across Toronto and GTA? Consider hiring us!

Commercial Services

Office Movers

Planning shifting to a new office? Your Moving Company guarantees a reliable overnight relocation irrespective of your office size. We will help you plan to move ahead of time so that you can have enough time to sell out your unnecessary furniture. In case you are buying new furniture, you can use our affordable storage services as well.

Man Power

Many businesses and commercial sectors need extra hands to lift and transport products and items. Your Moving Company stands ready to take charge of any task, be it long-term or short-term. We experts have experience in relocating office material, transiting it to the storage house, and moving furniture internally or to a different city across Ontario.


With our reputed warehouse services, you can store your company’s furniture and equipment for both long- & short-time and get them delivered upon request. Our services are specially designed for legal firms, stage-show companies, and event organizers. We work with flexible hours and have a constant touch with our clients to make sure their goods are transported on time.


Whether your firm is a small business or a big one, we offer moving solutions to every type. Let us minimize your company’s downtime with our highly skilled labour to manage your business relocation. Hire us and get a free consultation today.

Internal Moving

We believe that small moves hold equal importance as those of big moves, which is why we offer the same quality services for internal rearrangement. Whether it is a switching of rooms, making space for events, shifting furniture, etc. we will handle everything with care

Packing Services

Your Moving Company utilizes excellent packing materials for safe transportation. The bubble wrap, antique wrap, boxes & blankets, duct tape, etc. are some of our packing supplies. In case you want to do the packing on your own, we recommend you to use our packing materials.

Pool Table Moving

Our insured pool table moving services are incomparable. Affiliate with us and relocate your pool table to a new location. Our mechanics will also assist you in reassembling it in no time.

Piano Moving

It doesn’t matter which retail store you have purchased your piano from, on one call, our mechanics can bring it to your location with ease. Our unique piano dolly rentals in Ontario are affordable and quick.

Furniture Disposal

With the increase in downsizing, we deliver top-class furniture disposal services. Our company removes and transports unnecessary office equipment with no further worries about getting rid of them from your business. Our team of removals will be at your service on one call.

Long Distance

Insured & Licensed Long Distance Movers Did you know long distance moves require comprehensive planning than local relocation? While it sounds like a big project, but in reality, it is nothing more than shifting a few blocks down the street. It is simple only with professional moving companies, like Your Moving Company, who knows what

Pre-Move Planning

Do you feel worried about your office relocation? Don’t Worry! Our professional planners can help you build a full-fledged moving plan and services, targeting your requirements and schedule without denting your pocket. A team from Your Moving will visit your office and give you an accurate idea about the number of men and trucks needed to carry out the move.

Packaging Supplies

From office furniture to files, electronic devices to office essentials, our company provides boxes and wrapping material for everything. We will properly pack your fragile goods, such as computers and copiers, along with safe handling of crucial files & documents to prevent loss. From start to finish, we will coordinate with your office staff so that your business tasks don’t get suffer.


With the utmost care, our workers will load your furniture and other office equipment in the truck. Our clean fleets are equipped with the right equipment for safely carrying and transiting your valuable goods. You don’t have to worry about dismantling and reassembling your furniture. We will do all the heavy-duty work from your old location to the new one at the designated time.

On the Move

The goal of Your Moving Company is to make your shifting anxiety-free, and our movers work hard to get it done. Upon arriving, we will help you rearrange new workstation. We will do all the transportation, unloading and rearrangement of chairs, tables, computers, and other office essentials. Moreover, in case you need to store furniture temporarily or need space until it gets sold out, we also provide that.

How it Works

We Offer A Project Manager

We Offer A Project Manager

Before the move day, one of our staff members, usually a manager, will give you an onsite visit and examine how the move will be carried out. We will determine what moving supplies are required to complete the relocation safe and sound, along with the number of fleets needed.

Rearranging Your Office

Rearranging Your Office

Reorganizing your entire workplace is a hectic task, and we, at Your Moving Company, understand it. We have a team of energetic workers that will carefully load and unload your desks, chairs, electronic devices, file, documents, and other office accessories. We have vast experience in disassembling and reassembling your office furniture.

Proper Floor Planning

Proper Floor Planning

While moving furniture, using a perfect floor plan makes things more relaxed and comfortable. Basically, it is a standard format which tells the movers about the location of office furniture, telephones, computers, printers, and other office materials, so that it will be easy for our team to figure out which item to load in the truck first.

Executing The Move

Executing The Move

Once you have finalized the moving date, we will assign you the number of people and trucks required to implement the shifting. We will make a list of essentials that need to be moved. With the utmost care, the crew will pack your items in boxes and label them. The labels will also indicate its location in the new destination. The belongings which you want to declutter or store will be loaded in the truck separately.

Your Stress-Free Move Starts with a Free Quote

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