7 Essential Tips For Moving Safely During COVID-19

The deadly pandemic has put a full-stop to a whopping number of services and businesses, unlike any other thing that the world has ever seen. Cases have been increasing, and information has been altering every minute. Today, it is a challenge for all of us on how to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and friends safe.

If you are relocating your home, office, etc. to a new place or have already booked a moving date with the movers in Toronto, you may need to be extra precautions.

In this post, we are going to tell you about the specially designed practical tips to help support a safe shifting across Ontario.

Before the Move

1. Hiring the Right Moving Services & Ask Questions

The most important thing before moving is to take time and conduct thorough research and choose the right moving company in Toronto to make your move smooth and stress-free. Make a list of some selected companies and compare the measures they take to ensure a safe relocation during COVID-19.

Here are some queries that one can ask them over a call –

  • What measures do you take to help prevent the spread of the pandemic?
  • What measures do you take for your team?
  • What suggestion will you give me to make my move completely safe?
  • Any additional information you would like to share that I can review before hiring you?

And many more questions that come across your mind..

2. Get a Computer-Generated Quote

Keep any bodily contacts as limited as possible. You don’t have to visit your Toronto movers office to get an upfront quote. You can ask your mover to do a video chat with you, in which you can show what items are there that need to be shifted. After that, the company will generate a virtual, computerized slip and send you.

3. Clean & Disinfect

Hiring a cleaning company to sanitize your belongings is not advisable during the COVID-19 situation. You may need to do that on your own to avoid any unwanted people entering your house. This will only make things vulnerable.

Practice disinfecting frequently used items, such as tables, chairs, doorknobs, faucets, electronics, etc. before the packing and moving.

During the Move

4. Don’t Greet with Handshake

There are many ways to greet your movers. It is not necessary to shake hands because even they understand the importance of avoiding in-person contact. Just pass a smile with a healthy gesture, and everything is good to go.

5. Maintain Distance

As the moving crew packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking your goods, make sure to maintain a six feet distance. There is absolutely no need to lend a helping hand to professional movers – refrain the contact as much as possible.

Keep any vulnerable person like older people, kids, pets, etc. away while movers are doing their job.

6. Wash Hands

As your GTA movers enter your house, ask them to wash their hands first before getting started with the move. In case the moving company crew needs to use a restroom, direct them to one which you are not going to use. Usually, Your Moving Company will come with sanitized wipes, and if they don’t, provide them with some for doorknobs and switches in the bathroom.

After the Move

7. Thorough Sanitization of your New Home Before you Start Unpacking

On your arrival at the new location, make sure you disinfect the boxes and packed furniture before unpacking them. Also, ensure that you dispose of all the packing material and don’t keep them for reuse.

Helping Clients Across Ontario

It is better to delay your move, if possible, until the government lifts the social distancing measures. But sometimes, moving is unavoidable. In that situation, contact Your Moving Company in Toronto and experience the safest move. Our crew understands all the rules and regulations, along with safety precautions during this coronavirus time. Speak with our specialist today at 1-647-887-4455