Pool table moving

Pool tables provide a great deal of fun, sport, and family entertainment. But moving them can be a challenge that most individuals are not prepared to undertake.

With the considerable weight and delicate surfaces of a pool table, there are many moving companies that do not even offer relocation of these units, or don’t guarantee safe handling and delivery.

Moving a pool table is definitely not a do-it-yourself project. There is a risk of physical damage to both the mover and the table, if proper equipment and procedures are not followed.

Moverson – Experts at Pool Table Moves

Moverson has extensive experience in the packing, relocation, and reassembly of pool tables – large and small. We provide full services including:

  • Disassembly – this is a critical phase of a successful move, requiring special attention to the proper handling of table legs, slate or other bed materials, and frame integrity
  • Packing/crating for safe transportation of the table
  • Carefree transportation to your specified destination
  • Delivery and positioning in the desired room
  • Reassembly and leveling to make the table functional

Moverson Takes Care of the Whole Transaction

Pool tables must be properly disassembled and handled to avoid damaging underlying construction, framing, and surfaces. Pool tables are extremely heavy, yet contain delicate elements that must be properly handled to avoid permanent damage and expensive repairs.

Our professional movers have the experience and knowledge it takes to get your pool table moved safely and set up properly – ready for action. Our teams have the right equipment and trucks that will make transporting your table safe and uneventful.

We take the worry out of moving your entertainment investment:

  • Planning the move
  • Scheduling pickup at your convenience, and being there on time
  • Carefully disassembling and packing your pool table
  • Transporting all components to the designated location
  • Unpacking, reassembling, and leveling your table to your complete satisfaction

We provide courteous and friendly service by fully trained experienced movers, to make the successful move of your pool table a pleasurable experience.