Long Distance

Moving can be a daunting experience, even when making a short-distance move across town. Long distance moves create additional concerns for a stress-free relocation experience, whether the move is for commercial, business, or residential moving.

  • Timing – Long-distance moves make accurate planning even more important
  • Safety – Belongings and equipment may be subjected to more rigorous treatment when moving over rough terrains
  • Route planning – Experienced drivers must plan the safest and quickest route to your new location
  • Delivery – When transporting over long distances, commitment to delivery timelines are critical

Making Long Distance Moves Uneventful

With extensive experience in local and long distance moves, Moverson understands how important it is for your belongings to get where you need them, when you need them.

Every item must be properly prepared for the move and delivery to the final destination. Our teams ensure:

  • Your things are disassembled properly with all components packed or wrapped securely for quick and reliable reassembly to their original condition.
  • Fragile items are packed safely to avoid potential damage.
  • Padding and loading in moving vehicles are secured to avoid damage from load shifting or other movement.
  • Use of appropriate equipment for loading and unloading to avoid scrapes or other damage.
  • Teams specializing in long distance moves take responsibility every step of the way.
  • Our insurance coverage provides peace of mind against unanticipated loss or damage.

Business, commercial, and residential long distance moves each present their individual challenges in handling personal or fragile items and delicate electronic equipment. We have the knowledge and training necessary to pack and transport these belongings safely, without incident.

Experts in Long Distance Moves

Moverson has the experience and equipment that assure you of a stress-free move regardless of the distance – even across the country.

If you need to store business or personal belongings for a period of time before delivery, Moverson can accommodate your storage needs, as well.

Our goal is total client satisfaction, and we work every day to provide clients with reliable, friendly service and professional move teams from planning, to pick up, to delivery.