Commercial moving

Moving your office or business means a significant investment in time and money. When you have a business to run, your time is much better spent on sales, customer service, managing employees, and other more productive activities.

Time spent on attention to a move can not only result in such impacts to sales and productivity for employees, but adds the stress of planning and executing the move successfully.

Especially for those less experienced in moving an office or business, the thought that all could go wrong is intimidating, especially when this involves:

  • Lost or damaged furniture
  • Damaged technical equipment
  • Late arrival of moving teams
  • Extended business impact from missed timelines
  • Misplaced files or office supplies

There is a better way

Bringing in a professional service to move your business smoothly and efficiently can minimize disruption and let employees focus on their jobs. This is true even if you’re just moving a small office, relocating a few employees, or moving office equipment across town.

Putting your move in the hands of teams dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction can make all the difference in making the move less taxing.

Why Moverson Is Your Best Choice

Moverson has experienced, professional planners and moving teams that contribute to the success of your commercial move:

  • Our friendly and courteous planners will work with you to understand the exact requirements for timing the packing and disassembly for your move.
  • Our reliable and honest move teams have clean trucks and experience in handling commercial equipment and office furniture.
  • We have the right equipment for safely preparing and transporting your valuable equipment.
  • We will place and reassemble all furniture and equipment at your new location at the designated time.

What’s Different About Commercial Moves?

Moving a business requires special skills and care to complete the move efficiently:

  • Proper packing and preparation of fragile electronic equipment such as copiers and computers
  • Disassembly and reassembly of desks, partitions, and other office furniture
  • Safe handling of critical files and documents to avoid loss or damage
  • Working closely with office staff to coordinate the move with the least impact on business operation and productivity

Moverson Provides Full-Service Commercial Moving

Moverson has the experience and professionalism that makes business and office moves painless and stress-free. We take accountability for the entire move, from planning to completion.

Count on Moverson for local or nation-wide moves of your business with safe and reliable results. No business is too large or small for our teams.