Warehouse and Inventory Moving

There are several reasons why you need warehouse inventory moving services. They are –

  •         Adding or removing additional spaces
  •         Incorporating new facilities
  •         Renovating your old storage system
  •         More beneficial on-lease warehouse facilities, etc.

In all the above cases, you need a well-organized plan and equipment to carry out the relocation. We, at Your Moving Company, have the right team, knowledge, and skills required to conduct an efficient warehouse shifting.

Whether you’re shifting a single machine or relocating the whole inventory, our workforce will offer reliable services. We have forklifts of various sizes, cranes, specialized trailers, along with a highly-experienced crew, needed to get the move done in no time. Our prices are pocket-friendly.

Library Moving

Whether you are moving the library permanently or temporarily at home, office, or educational institute, we would be happy to assist you.

Relocating a library is not just anyone’s cup of tea! Moving various items, such as books, cupboards, tables, and other goods, without causing any damage, is intensely stressful. We, at Your Moving Company, have expert, background checked, and drug-tested staff that will make your move as easy as pie.

While library shifting is the prime objective, if you are renovating the library or need a temporary or long-term storage facility, we can provide that.



If you don’t want to utilize our full-services, which includes packing and unpacking, try our pickup and delivery facilities. In this service, the clients will pack their goods themselves. Our company will arrive at your location, load the boxes in trucks, and transport them to the destination on time.

When you choose our delivery services, don’t worry about the loading and unloading as we have specialized staff and machinery for that. Your primary responsibility should be packing the essentials appropriately. Along with that, renting a fleet is not your headache because Your Moving Company has a wide range of trucks and trailers at your service.


Relocating all your residential or commercial furniture is a challenging task because of all the heavy lifting involved. But with us, Your Moving Company, nothing is impossible.

You might have old classic-styled furniture which cannot be dismantled. We have the right resources and team to handle such situations with ease. We will wrap your furniture with top-class packing material and load it in the truck without getting damaged or scratched.

Our highly-qualified and trained staff understands that your modern furniture is sophisticated. So, it makes sure that the whole body is adequately covered with blankets and tapes. For mirrors or glass furniture, we take extra precautions to prevent any damages.


We offer authentic disposal services in GTA and Toronto. Our company will provide you with certificates after the destruction, pulping, and recycling of your unwanted furniture, files, or other unwanted heavy items. We will double-check to ensure that your sensitive documents are appropriately disposed of, respecting your privacy and confidentiality.

So, contact Your Moving Company today on our hotline, and our customer care executive will assist you. Book an appointment and let our specialists do the groundwork required to enjoy a smooth move.


Any business you own, be it a gymnasium, designers, shippers, or any commercial enterprise, we will help you in relocation. Our B2B moving services are of excellent quality and highly-reliable. Our facilities include transportation, rearrangement, storage, and first-class labour.

Do you have any special type of moving that you do not know who can do it? Hit us on our number. Your Moving Company is always here to assist you.


Your Moving Company is your muscles that you need to do all the heavy lifting.

Moving large items is not an easy job. It requires a lot of experience, strength, and skills, along with well-organized planning. And our company has it all.

Our specialty includes moving grand pianos of various sizes, pool table moving, rearranging large furniture items to cleanouts and junk removal. Our workforce can as well relocate your Jacuzzi. We make it look easy because we are equipped with the right machinery and of course, experience.


Whether you are moving office or warehouse, Your Moving Company delivers reusable bin rental services in Toronto, GTA, and parts of Ontario.

Our customizable and easy-to-stack boxes are both budget- and eco-friendly and can help you pack and transport all your files, documents, and other office items easily.


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